New Blog Site! (Scheme)

Whats good my people?

Well I’m jumping ship over to wordpress to start up the new blog.

I will be slowly working on getting my own site, but for now this will be where you come get all the updates on my music, videos, shows, and projects in the works.

To the right, you can see that my albums and the one’s I have been featured on are for sale, so if you haven’t yet, go right ahead and buy them. Thanks to everyone who does support the music all over the world, I really appreciate it.

As of right now I am about done with the next project “Same Rebel, New Cause”. That should hopefully drop in November, so look out for it.

The other 2 projects I am going to be working on is an album with Astonish, which we already started working on, and of course my solo LP. Look for both of those to drop in 2010.

Thanks again to all the people who follow my music and show love….it’s greatly appreciated.


(Molemen Inc.)

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