New “The Manifesto EP” Review

The homie Darius Massad over at Labor Of Love Music included The Manifesto EP in his “30 Days of Dopeness” piece.

You can click on the link above, or continue reading below to read what he had to say about the EP.

“Scheme has stepped up his game for 2009.  The homie has really honed his craft as an emcee and that comes across on his latest release, Manifesto.  He sounds really refined on this release.

The EP comes in at really eight tracks, so all it takes is a quick listen to realize this emerging talent that resides in Chicago.  Spotlight is easily one of my favorite tracks.  It sounds like a song that was destined to have a video made for it.  The sound is filled with synth and a subtle bass line that just moves you. The vocal sample that makes its way in the background is also a very nice touch.  It is an uplifting song that the listener can identify with easily.

Jean Grae stops by to drop a verse on the next track, Let Me Do My Thing. The track is simplistic.  But both emcees take the sparse production and rip it impressively.  This is one of those tracks where the production can not hide an emcees flaws.  Jean Grae and Scheme really hold up their end of the bargain, verbally displaying their gifts.

Scheme’s evolution as an artists is no more apparent than on the next track, Modern Day Warfare. The production is intense on the cut as is Scheme’s flow.  Scheme puts into his perspective what it’s like for him in his environment to compete with everyone else for a similar prize.  The track is dark and hit lyrics force you to take a plunge into his life and mentality.  Very dope indeed.

The Manifesto EP forces the listener to take notice to this emcee and makes you want to listen to more of his music which will hopefully be coming very soon.”

Scheme (12.09.09)

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