The Manifesto EP (Remixes by Rashid Hadee)

Whats good my people?

I have a treat for ya’ll today; with the acapellas being released to the public, many producers all over the world took a shot in remixing the entire project (The Manifesto EP). Here we bring to you the remixed version by Rashid Hadee, a fellow artist from my city of Chicago.

Taken from, in regards to Rashid Hadee:

“The talented producer has laced tracks for MCs such as Little Brother, Psalm One & Longshot, Thaione Davis and Manov War. He has also shared production duties with fellow Chi-town native Kanye West and produced songs for Abstract Mindstate that featured Common Sense and Special Ed.”

The Manifesto EP (Remixes by Rashid Hadee)
Download it by clicking HERE

Thanks to the homie Rashid Hadee for taking his time with this one. I greatly appreciate it homie.

You can check out more of Rashid Hadee’s music by clicking here.

Scheme (01.18.09)

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