Same Rebel, New Cause (Video)

We present to you the video for the title track off of Scheme’s mixtape, “Same Rebel, New Cause”. We created a small storyline based on the pursuit of money and what people undergo in order to attain it. Path’s cross, money exchanges, while we are all chasing the same dream. The purpose of the video was to focus on how the pursuit of happiness lies within ourselves and not in what we have. Money is man made; We gave it power, and now it has taken ours away. We all want the finer things in life, Scheme’s point is to find a balance, where you don’t lose your soul and your identity in the pursuit of it all.

Presented by Soul Assassins, Molemen Records, 2dopeboyz, and Ruby Hornet.

Download the mixtape at today!

Directed by: Virgil Solis

Edited by: Tony Shane

Scheme (3.3.10)

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