Update – New Album, New Music, and More!

Well things have been a bit slow around here the last couple of weeks since Same Rebel, New Cause (Mixtape) dropped, so I figured I’d give a quick update on what is going on.

The LP is definitely in the works. The picture above is a meeting we had at Pressure Point Recording Studios with Nascent, J-Rell, and Maja 7th, they are all Chicago producers, and they will be handling most, if not all the production on my upcoming LP.

It all started with a tweet lol

I have been paying attention to a lot of producers we have here in Chicago  and realized the amount of talent we have. So when I started thinking about who I wanted to help me produce the next project these 3 kept popping up in my mind. I respect all 3 of them for the respect they have for their crafts and how dope they are with what they do. I figured it was worth a shot, so one day I twittered, “If it were up to me, I would have @Nascent_beats, @Maja7th, and @thej_rell  produce my entire LP…” soon after I was hit up by all 3 producers telling me they were ready to work. So we set up the meeting and chopped it up a bit. They are all on board and I am hoping everything will work out for the best. The homies Chris Mathien and Astonish will also be contributing to the project in various ways. So that’s the story on the LP. The c0ncept, artwork, and video ideas are all there, now we just need to create the soundtrack to it all. This should be dope…expect a lot of video updates, live studio sessions, and more coming soon.

Virgil Solis (who has directed my last 2 videos) and I are also working on a 2nd video for  the Same Rebel, New Cause project. Hopefully within the next 2 weeks or so we’ll begin shooting.

“Selections from…Same Rebel, New Cause” is coming soon! The original material from the mixtape will be revamped and created into a new project with new songs and new artwork. Be on the lookout for that real soon. Working on the last songs to wrap it up.

One last thing, last week I was contacted by a Professor from the University of Tübingen in Germany. She let me know that her and her students were big fans of my song Chicano, and she was interested in doing a class based on the song and its topic. I obviously gave her the okay right away. Never thought something I wrote would be the topic of discussion in a University classroom, let alone in Germany. Things like this definitely keep me motivated and it shows me how big music truly is. It transcends all boundaries and borders.

Last thing, for real this time lol – I will be doing these “Revisiting” posts from now on which will be posts of some older songs of mine and some new. I will give a basic breakdown of the song, what the writing process was like, what sparked the idea for the song, and plus some other things I haven’t figured out yet lol come back and visit the blog for those as well.

That’s it for now my people, I’ll be back soon with new music and new videos.

Scheme (4.15.10)

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