Revisiting – Gotta Be a Better Way

Well here is the first post from the new series called “Revisiting”.

I was going through my older music these last couple of weeks and thought about starting these posts for the new fans that might have not heard the stuff I’ve put out in the past.

The first song I am going to start off the series with is “Gotta Be a Better Way” produced by my homie Panik from the Molemen. It was a song from my 2006 album “For My People”, which was a collection of songs I had at the time that I wanted to put out to sell at shows and to get people familiar with me.

The Story:

I wrote this song about 2 days after my homie Edgar (PK) past away in April of 2005. I had lost plenty of friends and family by this time and it seemed that most of them were all young people around my age. When I was younger I always associated death with being old, but it seemed as if all the people I lost in my life were young souls. I wrote this song wondering if so many of my friends were leaving early, what guarantee did the rest of us have? What guarantee did my nephews have? What kind of guarantee did my unborn children have?

It made me think, there just has to be a better way. Why are we stuck in this cycle? Why don’t we break away from it or avoid what seems so certain to happen? I saw PK the day before a couple of my homies and I went out to Miami for spring break in ’05.  We came back the week after, and the day after we got back home he fell from the Metra train bridge into the Chicago River. You can read the full story at the Chicago Tribune site (HERE) .

I remember waking up to the phone call, and just couldn’t believe how surreal the whole situation was. Definitely a wake up call for a lot of us. So that’s the basics of the story behind the song.


“And for the time being, I ain’t going no where/ at least I hope I’m not, though the clocks’ ticking away/ I take today for what it is, another day in my books/ another thing for me to write about this city of crooks/ this shitty day, got me drinking again/ thinking about when this life gonna stop taking my friends/ i stop and take a look, at my nephews at play/ and see them laughing never knowing the true meaning of pain…”

“Pouring the drink of life, in the cup of future/ mutual scheme’s of making it out alive, and full of dreams…”

Audio Link:

Check out the song – Gotta Be a Better Way (Listen Here)

Well that’s the first post of “Revisiting”. I’ll be refining it as time goes by. Some songs might have more of an explanation, some might not. Thanks for checking in on the blog.


Scheme (4.19.10)

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