Helluva Year (2010) – Rewind

What’s good? Hope everyone is having a great day? Last week as 2010 ended I did a round up of some of the great experiences I had throughout the year on my FB & Twitter page. I figured I should recap it here for you all to check out.

1. #2010Memories – Releasing the “Respect the Art” Video in January of 2010 – CLICK HERE to SEE the VIDEO

2. #2010Memories Shooting the “Same Rebel, New Cause” video – CLICK HERE to SEE THE VIDEO

3. #2010Memories – Driving out to NIU for a show with the homies DJ Scend, Gus, and Astonish –CLICK HERE to SEE the VIDEO

4. #2010Memories Opening up for the Joell Ortiz show at The Bassment – CLICK HERE to SEE the VIDEO

5. #2010Memories – Performing at Sneaker Pimps and opening up for Raekwon – CLICK HERE to SEE the VIDEO

(Below are the rest of my top moments of 2010)

6. #2010Memories – Kicking it at The Shoebox with the homies – CLICK HERE to SEE the VIDEO

7. #2010Memories – Releasing the video for “Maintain” – Thanks to Tony Shane and Virgil Solis – CLICK HERE to SEE the VIDEO

8. #2010Memories – Releasing SRNC (The Mixtape) with DJ Muggs doing the Intro, PNS mixing the entire project, and it was presented by Molemen Records, Ruby Hornet, Soul Assassins, and 2dopeboyz – LISTEN/DL the MIXTAPE HERE

9. ‎#2010Memories – Launching my official site – Thanks to my family at Ruby Hornet and my manager Virgil Solis

10. #2010Memories – Releasing SRNC (Deluxe Edition) – LISTEN/DL the ALBUM HERE

11. #2010Memories – Having my first official album release party. Thanks to my SRNC family for making that one happen – SEE VIDEO HERE

12. #2010Memories – Kicking it with DJ Babu and GLC for this whole session – CLICK HERE to SEE the VIDEO

13. #2010Memories – Working on “The Storm” with the homie Add 2 – CLICK HERE to SEE the VIDEO

14. #2010Memories – Going to SXSW and having some of the best experiences I’ve had in my career so far. This trip was sooooooo dope!!!! Shout out to the Ruby Hornet team  – CLICK HERE to SEE the VIDEO

15. #2010 Memories – Writing and recording the song “Helluva Year” with Emilio Rojas and Astonish –CLICK HERE to SEE the VIDEO

16. #2010Memories – The homie Mikkey Halsted introducing me as one of his favorite MC’s at his release party. And then getting off stage and having Juice tell me I was the best performer that night –CLICK HERE to SEE the VIDEO

17. #2010Memories – Sharing the stage with the homies Donnis, Mic Terror, Big Homie Doe, and YP at Donnis’ show in Chicago. (See the 4:32 mark) – CLICK HERE to SEE the VIDEO

18. #2010Memories – Getting a call from my manager Virgil telling me DJ Muggs was playing my record on his XM Radio show. We didn’t ask him to do it, he did it because he was digging what I was doing. It was one of my lowest points personally as far as questioning my next steps music wise, but that call sparked a fire in me.

19. ‎#2010Memories having a dope full page piece on the RedEye – CHECK it OUT HERE

20. #2010Memories – Releasing “Helluva Year – The Mixtape” with DJ Scend and Stefan Ponce with SRNC and Ruby Hornet presenting it; as a year-end wrap up for the incredible year I had. It had it’s rough moments where I questioned my personal choices, especially in the beginning of the year, but everything has worked out gre at. 2011 and beyond I will make my mark; mark my words (Scheme). –DOWNLOAD the MIXTAPE HERE

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