Monday Day/Night Session

Yesterday the homie Scend and I got together to knock out the next Two Turntables and a Mic Series. He started working on the mix since Sunday and sent it over to me that afternoon. I spent my Sunday night writing the first half of the series. Then on Monday we met up around 2:30pm to have me finish writing the rest of it and we recorded the whole thing.

The difference between this one and the others is that Scend and I actually sat there and pitched ideas back and forth until we felt we got the outcome we were looking for. The fact that we have everything streamlined at the Shoebox now makes it easy to create. I’m definitely proud of where these series are going. Expect to hear this next one on Tuesday (Sept. 6th). We’ll be dropping the video soon after.

Oh yeah, by the way, the next one is dedicated to the homie Muggs.

And tonight we’re back at it working on the Almighty Supreme album.


– Scheme

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