Rewind Series #4

Another week, another Rewind Series.

1st song is off of the “SRNC (Mixtape)” and it is called Dirty Game. It features my homie Visual and we went over a Premo joint. Definitely one of my favorite joints Visual and I have made.

2nd song is Classic off of “The Biz Mixtape” and it features Decay, Astonish, and myself. Ironically again, it’s over a Premo beat lol We had a lot of fun making this one, actually making that entire project. These were the first joints all of us had ever done together, but the chemistry was there from the get go.

3rd song is a remix by the homie GhettoBlaster from France. He flipped the entire Manifesto EP very well, but this one here stood out to me. He gives “Modern Day Warfare” a whole different feel.

Last song is another remix, this time by the homie from Chicago, Rashid Hadee. He also remixed the entire Manifesto EP. His take on “Chicano” definitely gave it a new feel.

Listen and Download to all the songs. I’ll post up some more joints for the next REWIND SERIES next week.

– Scheme

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