TT&AM DJ Muggs Series Update

Earlier tonight, I sent Dante Ross (via Twitter) the TT&AM DJ Muggs Series we dropped today and this is what he had to say:


So that was definitely dope. I briefly met and chilled with him earlier this year at SXSW at the RubyHornet house. I figured, why not send it to him and see if he checks it out. It’s dope to find out he did and that he liked it a lot.

I also sent it out to Muggs; hoping he gets to hear it.

We had a Shoebox session tonight and went through a couple things for the Almighty Supreme EP and also went over the concept for the TT&AM DJ Muggs Series Video we are shooting tomorrow. Below is a quick pic of the details so far on the Almighty Supreme album.


Well that’s it for tonight world, I’m going to take a nap and get back to it later.

– Scheme

By Navarro Posted in Scheme

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