Yet another week, another Rewind Series.

This week I uploaded 5 joints; some from albums, some unreleased. Check them out below.

The 1st song is Labor of Love which can be found on the SRNC (Deluxe Edition) album. This song was produced by the homie The Analyst. This song means a lot to me. I wrote my story from when I started making music, to where I was at when I penned it. It felt great to go down memory lane and remember the different stages I went through, and the people I experienced it with. It definitely has been a labor of love, but well worth it.

The 2nd song is Let Me Do My Thing featuring Jean Grae and it is produced by the homie 21 Grams of the Sound Merchants. This song was on The Manifesto EP. DJ Alo blessed us with some great cuts for the hook. It just brought the whole song together. Having Jean Grae on it was all 21 Grams. He handled that whole situation and made it happen. Thanks to the homie for that one. He also made me re-write the first verse lol I had written something to it and he was honest about it, he said “It’s dope, but you could do better,” so I went back and did better lol which worked out great, because I really liked how the 1st verse we kept came out. All around great experience with this song.

The 3rd song is an unreleased song called You’re Gonna Want Me Back. I wrote this a couple of years back. I just wanted to experiment with a more conversational/argument type of flow and went with the direction of a couple arguing. I focused just on writing the male perspective, and having the female perspective more so figured out through my responses throughout the song. I dig the joint for its’ concept and the way I approached it. Maybe one day I’ll re-do the whole thing and do it right.

4th song is Picture Perfect off of the SRNC (Mixtape). I liked this beat since the moment I heard it, and I was working on the mixtape at the time. So I took Nas’ “Let there be light” concept and ran with it. Brought it close to home by adding “Let there be light, no gangbanging in the Chi tonight”. I painted the perfect picture in my head of what It would be like if all was right with the world.

5th song is I Know You Don’t Love me with my homies Decay and Astonish off of The Biz Mixtape which we dropped a few years back. As I explained before about this whole mixtape, this joint was fun to write and record. The whole process for this project was dope. This one was straight-forward; turn the beat on and write, then record. Exactly what we did.

Well there’s the 6th Rewind Series. Hope you all enjoy it. Peace. – Scheme


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