Life That I Chose


Another late night trying to put together all the pieces to the puzzle. Chillin at my homie DJ Scend’s spot and thinking of what we have coming up.

So a couple of things changed on our upcoming schedule for releases. We originally had in mind to drop the “Almighty Supreme” EP this fall/winter, but due to some great opportunities that came our way, we’re going to first drop the “Life That I Chose” EP which will be entirely produced by Slot-A; and “Almighty Supreme” will then turn into an LP which we will drop in March of 2012. We are working on something great with our family from Akin; for a dope collaborative release.

Expect the new single for the “Life That I Chose” EP to drop before the end of October and more info on the project and collab with Akin as the weeks go by. We’ve been putting in a lot of work. We really hope you all enjoy the music and everything else we have coming with it.

Thanks to everyone who showed us love and support for the TT&AM : DJ Muggs Series (Video). We really appreciate it. We got a lot of plays within the first week and that’s because all of you kept sharing the link and showing love. We appreciate that. Blog love or no blog love; we keep moving forward.

All I have to say is “Life That I Chose”. Stay tuned. It’s coming soon.

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