Almost Done Recording “Life That I Chose : EP”

Killing time? Not me!

This past week we’ve been recording the “Life That I Chose” EP, the week before that I was writing the remaining records for the project, and this week we’ll be mixing and mastering the project.  It’s definitely been a helluva month; but I’m definitely not complaining. I wasn’t going to let 2011 go  by without having a release. Even though the original plan was to have “Almighty Supreme” come out this year, I realized the best move was to do an EP to end the year, and drop an LP early next year. So here we are, with a project nearly completed. I still have to record one last hook for one song tomorrow and have the homie Oscar lay down some live guitar for that same track.

I spent all of Saturday recording at the homie Slot-A’s spot, who by the way is producing this entire project. Besides that, I’ve been recording at The Shoebox with DJ Scend, which is my home away from home pretty much; he’s been engineering the sessions and helping with writing/ideas. As well, as the rest of the SRNC team for all the input during the creative process. Definitely looking forward to dropping this project. I don’t want to say much about it yet, but for now I’ll say this; the first single “Hello (What Up?)” produced by Slot-A will be released on the first week of November.

We also have a lot of shows coming up, and of course a release party for the album; we’ll be dropping the info to all of this soon. Like I wrote earlier, this week our focus is on mixing the album and also on getting some treatments for the videos that we’ll be shooting for the album soon. Stay in tune with me on Twitter (@Scheme773) and on FB for random updates I put up there.

Thanks to those who have already hit me up telling me they are looking forward to the project, I really appreciate it.

– Scheme

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