Here is the final Rewind Series that I’ll be posting for awhile. It consists of 4 joints, none of these had been released in full format, and some never been released at all. Check them out and a quick breakdown of each one of them below. Thanks

The 1st song is El Regreso featuring Boca Floja from Mexico. I met the homie Boca Floja at a show we both performed at a couple of years ago in Chicago. We both mutually respected what we were doing and decided to work on a joint together. Stefan Ponce’s Remix version of this was released on the Helluva Year Mixtape, but this version had never before been released. Check it out below.

2nd song is Freedom. I wrote this verse over Nas’ “No Ideas Original” beat, and later on used the verse on Lose Your Soul with Mikkey Halsted from the SRNC (Deluxe Edition) project. I wrote to this beat because it had always been a favorite of mine, and I honestly didn’t know I was going to like my verse as much as I did. I didn’t want this verse to go unnoticed, so when Mikkey and I were in the studio working on Lose Your Soul, I recited the verse to him and he said that’s a keeper. So I went with it and used it. Check out this never before heard version below.

3rd song of this REWIND SERIES is Get Acquainted. This was a random joint I through out the blogs over an MPhazes beat that I liked a lot. Scend and I later agreed to have this joint be part of our show, which has worked for us a lot throughout the past year. Check it out below.

And the last song from the REWIND SERIES is Loyalty. This one hits close to home, I wrote it for all my homies that have been down for me for many years. Friends that turned into life long brothers. Loyalty plays a pivotal role in my life. When you have that kind of trust and loyalty among friends, don’t ever trade it for anything. This joint was for them, our childhood, and our future.

Hope you all enjoyed these REWIND SERIES as much as I enjoyed doing them. It was cool to go back and revisit some joints, released and unreleased. Now it’s time for new music. Expect the “Life That I Chose : EP” to drop on Dec. 6th online and iTunes. We will have an early copy for all those that come out to the Akin release party on Nov. 25th. Check the post below for all the info.

Thanks for the continuing support. I greatly appreciate it. Peace

– Scheme

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