Decay (City Slick) – The Ends Justify the Means feat. Scheme (Audio)

My homies Decay and Fluent (City Slick) dropped a new album recently called “The Money and His Fool”. I am featured on one of the songs which is called “The Ends Justify the Means” and since Decay gave me a copy of the album, I listen to that song at least once a day. Since the moment he had sent me the beat to write my verse I knew this one was going to be a dope joint.

I wrote one of my favorite verses I’ve written in a while to this song. Today, I hit up Decay and told him we should shoot a video for this and he was 100% with it. So to get you all in tune with this joint and the upcoming video we are going to do, we decided to let the track shine on it’s own and put it up for you all to check out. Make sure you support my homies and get your copy of the album via iTunes. Click HERE to get it.

For now check out the song below; The Ends Justify the Means

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