One Year Ago Today

One year ago today I released "Same Rebel, New Cause
(Deluxe Edition) which was also the beginning of my
SRNC management team and brand. This release meant
a lot to me and the team as a whole. I just wanted to
bring it back so those who have recently been
acquainted with me to get the chance to check it out.

The album has production by Panik, Dario, QB & Nascent,
Wes P, Maja 7th, J-Rell, Analyst, and more. 

It also has features by Emilio Rojas, Mikkey Halsted,
Add-2, YP, Astonish, Kamilah Sumner, and Lungz.

This album also produced 3 videos that were well
received. Thanks to Roger Tino Morales from
AyKid Shots, Virgil Solis, and Tony Shane.
You can check out videos to "Billion Dollar Dream"
"Maintain" and "Same Rebel, New Cause" below.

Just wanted to give thanks to everyone who supported this album this last year it's been out. To those who haven't heard it, you can get a hold of it below. Just CLICK the LINK below to Buy It on iTunes. Click to Purchase SCHEME-SRNC(Deluxe Edition) on iTunes. NOW it's time for "Life That I Chose" which drops on Dec. 6th, 2011. - Scheme

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