SCHEME x SLOT-A : One Helluva Night (Audio) + EP Front Cover

We’re a week closer to the release of SCHEME and SLOT-A’s “Life That I Chose” EP so we decided to release another record from the project. This record is called “One Helluva Night” ; it was produced by Slot-A and contains vocals from both Scheme and Slot. Make sure you check it out below. If you LIKE the SONG, please make sure to support it by purchasing it for only $1 on Bandcamp. We are continuously putting out FREE music, so if you support what Scheme has been doing make sure you purchase the NEW SINGLE. For those that are barely getting acquainted with Scheme, or don’t have the dollar to spare, don’t worry, we have some FREE LINKS to the song below as well. We appreciate all of our fans and supporters. Make sure you Tweet and Facebook “One Helluva Night” to all your FRIENDS.

Also, we have for you the first look at the front cover of the “Life That I Chose” EP which was drawn and designed by Matthew Silva.

The artwork contains different images/symbols of the different lives/lifestyles we choose in this journey. It’s really detailed, so take a minute to check it out. Click on it to see it Full-Size.

“Life That I Chose” Available Dec. 6th, 2011 on iTunes and Online.


Purchase “One Helluva Night” on Bandcamp NOW – CLICK HERE to Buy NOW


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