New Single : Life That I Chose feat. Astonish

And here’s the FINAL leak from the “Life That I Chose” EP. This is the title song off of the project. It features Astonish, it was produced by Slot-A, and DJ Scend laid cuts on it. This song was our theme music throughout the summer at The Shoebox. This song set the tone for our recording sessions, and for what became the “Life That I Chose” EP. When we wrote and recorded this song, this EP wasn’t in mind yet. We were working on “Almighty Supreme”, but once we realized we were going to do an EP before the year ended, the theme of this song just connected with each one of us. This was the life that we chose.

We quickly related to this song, and the concept fit perfectly with everything we were going through. We all knew the sacrifices we’ve been making and how at times we all felt tested. But doing a joint like this; the good vibe it has, really brought it home and made us own that “Life That I Chose” motto. Once we knew we were working on an EP, the title just fit as the concept of the project, so we went with it.

Check out the NEW “Life That I Chose” SINGLE BELOW. Drop a comment and let us know what you think.

Purchase It on Bandcamp for $1 – Support Independent Music (Click HERE)

– Scheme

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