DJ Scend x Scheme : Helluva Year Mixtape Vol. 2 (Artwork + New Music)

Here’s the front cover artwork for the “Helluva Year Mixtape Vol. 2” by DJ Scend and Scheme.

We’ll put out the back cover with track list soon. For now check out the front cover, which was done by Danny Torres (who also designed our SRNC logo) and some songs from the upcoming mixtape. The project drops on 12/31/11.

It’s a mix by DJ Scend of music by SRNC members Scheme, Astonish, Jamal Science, and Clew Rock. New, old, unreleased, and remixed music. Make sure to check it out when it drops.

For now here are three songs; one from Jamal Science and Scheme which has never before been released. The song is produced by Jamal Science and the cuts are by DJ Tune.

Jamal Science feat. Scheme – Born to Use Mics

The next joint is by Clew Rock.

Clew Rock – Chicago (I’ll Take You There)

The last joint is by Scheme, which was written and recorded in 2008 and had never before been released.

Scheme – I Ain’t Saying (produced by Alkota)

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