2011 (Highlights)

2011 was a great year. I had a lot of highlights throughout the year; from doing 7 shows in Austin, TX for SXSW to getting respect from DJ Muggs for the Two Turntables and a Mic Series, DJ Scend and I did as a tribute to him. This was definitely another helluva year.

Below are some of my best memories of 2011.

1.) Dropping the Billion Dollar Dream (Video) off of SRNC (Deluxe Edition) – the video was Directed by Roger Tino Morales for AyKid Shots. This was a great all around experience. Thanks to everyone who made it happen.

2.) Going to Austin, TX for SXSW and performing at 7 Shows with everyone from Yelawolf, DJ Babu and Rakaa, Alchemist and many more. Great times kicking it with the RubyHornet family through out the entire week. Thanks to Rafa for also letting us stay at his spot. This was Scend’s and I first time performing together out of town. Most memorable show had to be the RubyHornet release party for Closed Sessions. We had that place going from the Go!

3.) Opening Up for The Beatnuts in Chicago was definitely another great moment in 2011. Right before we left out to Austin, TX for SXSW, we got the chance to open up for the Beatnuts at the Double Door in Chicago. It was a sold out crowd and it was the first time DJ Scend and I were doing our brand new set that we had been working on for a while. The set came out real dope and we had an incredible time performing. It definitely set the tone for the upcoming trip to SXSW.

4.) The release of Closed Sessions on Decon, which I had two tracks on, was also a great moment. I was able to work with DJ Babu, Fashawn, Buff1, ESSO, and Tony Baines on two separate songs that made the Closed Sessions project. Making those records was a great time and the records were well received. You can check out the DJ Babu produced record with Fashawn, Buff1 and myself below.

Theme Music

5.) Scend and I coming up with the concept to start recording the Two Turntables and a Mic Series, and Panik suggestion we film each one. This series made a huge impact for us this year. I wanted to find a way to bring Scend in to the forefront of the music. I wanted to show that he wasn’t just my DJ at shows, but that we were also creating together and that the DJ/MC combo was back in full effect. We started with this idea in early 2011 and put it into motion soon after. We started off with the L.E.S. series, followed it with NO I.D. and then DJ Muggs. The concept was really well received and has definitely played a huge role for us through out 2011. Thanks to Stefan Klapko and Tony Shane for seeing the vision and filming the first 3 series with us. We really appreciate it. Definitely looking forward to dropping the next one in early 2012. You can check out the 3 series we’ve done this year at the links below.

CLICK to Check Out the TTandAM L.E.S. Series

CLICK to Check Out the TTandAM NO I.D. Series

CLICK to Check Out the TTandAM DJ Muggs Series

6.) Getting Props from DJ Muggs on the TTandAM DJ Muggs Series. This was a highlight of 2011 for me without a doubt. Scend and I had put a lot of work into the DJ Muggs series and we couldn’t have asked for anything more than to have DJ Muggs co-sign it via Twitter and have him hit both of us up to tell us we killed it. That shit was awesome. Getting respect from those you are paying homage to; nothing like it. Thanks to Muggs for taking the time to check it out. Glad you liked it brotha. Check the pic below of the tweets.

7.) The Shoebox. Maaaaaaaaaaan 2011 was the year of the Shoebox lol. For those that don’t know, the Shoebox is Scend’s place, and in 2011 it became the spot where we created a lot of music, had a lot of writing sessions, planning sessions, practice sessions, SRNC meetings, video shoots, and so much more. We had some great times this year at the Shoebox. Nothing like stoop action during the summer time to take a break away from the music. Thanks to Scend for opening the doors to his spot for us and letting us create a home studio set up and for giving us a spot to work out of as a team. The Shoebox lives on ….

8.) Life That I Chose EP. What can I say? Very proud of my team and I for pulling this one off. We created an EP, did promo for it, shot the video for the lead single, got some radio spins, debuted the video on HipHopDX, planned a release party, and released a t-shirt in collaboration with Akin in under 2 months. Shout out to my brotha Slot-A. Thanks for not thinking twice about it when I said we needed to knock out a project in a month. Thanks to Scend and Astonish for helping out as much as ya’ll did with the project. The sessions we had for this project were some of the best I’ve had. The way we wrote and recorded this project was real dope to me. Definitely a major highlight for me in 2011.

For those that haven’t heard the project, please do so. Check the links below.

Purchase Life That I Chose on iTunes – CLICK HERE

9.) Filming the Hello (What Up?) VIDEO with Sense Hernandez and the SRNC team. Incredible time shooting this video. We filmed this video in 4 days with about 4 days to prepare for the first days of shooting. We came up with the treatment, found the locations, found the models, my girlfriend got her team together to do the makeup and hair styling, rented equipment, and who knows what else we got done with a couple of days notice. It was crazy, but man was it worth it. The homie Sense did an incredible job on the video. He came through for me in the clutch, and that will forever be appreciated. Thanks to my whole team for helping me pull this one off.


10.) Life That I Chose Release Party at Akin. This night made up for all the days you push through the struggle to make your dreams come true. Thank you to every single person that came out and supported us on Nov. 25th at Akin. We had a packed house all night. Thanks to Scend, RTC, Slot-A, Astonish, Jamal Science for performing. Thanks to Akin for supporting us on the night and for letting us have it at their location. Thanks to the SRNC team for helping organize it and for making sure the night went without a problem. The fact that we had a full house really made me realize the support I have. Thank you for that. You can check some pics of the night by CLICKING HERE, the video of the night will be up soon.

Below are some random pics of 2011.

Hit the Jump to See More …











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