DJ Scend x Scheme Present Helluva Year Mixtape Vol. 2 (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Blessed to have had another great year in 2011. We wanted to thank all of our fans for constantly showing us support in everything we do. You are our motivation to keep doing what we do. Knowing that there are people out there really listening to the music we put out all over the world truly keeps us going. Thanks to all the blogs, sites, writers, columnists, publicist, promoters, etc. who showed us love through out 2011; we appreciate you all. Thanks to our families and friends for putting up with our hectic schedules and for being there for us through it all.

NOW here’s the Helluva Year Mixtape Vol. 2 (SRNC Edition)

With Music by Scheme, Astonish, Jamal Science and Clew Rock. And it is entirely Mixed by DJ Scend.

Features by Fashawn, Reap and Jessica Jasmin.

Production by DJ Babu, Slot-A, Fluent, Wes P, Alkota, iLL Brown, Odd Couple, Jamal Science, CRZ Beatz and more.

Thank you for all the support through out 2011. We Truly Appreciate It.

LISTEN to the entire mix Below:


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