Life That I Chose EP – New Review

Here’s a brand new review of the Life That I Chose EP by KnowDiceMusic blog.

“On December 6, 2011, Scheme (@Scheme773) released his “Life I Chose EP,” which has six songs all produced and mixed by Slot-A, who also served as executive producer, mastered by Chris from Classick Studios and features fellow Molemen recording artist, Astonish (@AstonishWho). The EP also has a guitar feature by Oscar Castillo and cuts by DJ Scend (@DJScend), also executive producer of the project. Not going to be too in depth so stay with me. This EP is fire. If you consider yourself a hip-hop fan, you need to hear this…

1. Let It Burn – So, first track on the EP… In my mind, I feel like this is what The Game wants to/wishes he sounds like. I can definitely see this being a Game track, but Scheme’s lyrical ability absolutely dominates anything The Game would spit over it.

2. Get Down (Painting Paradise) – This is my absolute favorite on the track on the EP. Definitely has a Mobb Deep feel to it. This track goes hard and once again the lyrics are on point… “They prayed that I never made it, and hated I never faded, traded the chip on my shoulder, got colder, and motivated…”

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4. Lost Children of Royalty – To me, this is the deepest, most personal track. Scheme’s lyricism shines on every track, but when the message seems to get more personal and straightforward, he gets on another level.

5. Hello (What Up?) featuring Astonish – Definitely the song for the ladies… Most hip-hop songs about women can be pretty rude/disrespectful, but not this one. Scheme and Astonish are a great duo, and do a little something for the ladies without sounding like pigs.

6. Life That I Chose featuring Astonish – And lastly, the namesake of the EP. When artists go from English to another language (in this case Spanish), that’s probably my favorite kind of added touch… Although Scheme only does it once or twice in this track, the flow is so quick and mean, you can see why the EP was named for this track. Once again, Astonish shows why he deserves to be featured. Not to mention at the end of the track, there’s a funny little skit… Remember growing up listening to hip-hop albums and there would be 3 or 4 skits on em? Let’s get back to that…

Overall 10/10. I’ve had this on repeat since I got it and see no end in sight…”

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