SCHEME x SLOT-A : Life That I Chose EP (Available NOW)

The time has finally come, “Life That I Chose” EP is finally Available on iTunes and Online.


DOWNLOAD IT NOW on (with Exclusive Material) by CLICKING HERE

And to all my young supporters who may not be able to buy it, or to those going through some hard times and don’t have the money to purchase it, here’s a FREE LINK to the album courtesy of – All we ask is that you spread the word on it, and if you LIKE it and have the funds for it at a later time to support it. Thanks.


CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD – Life That I Chose EP (Clean Version)

As a side not, I just want to thank my entire team for making this one happen. Slot, brotha you were a pleasure to work with bro. We created some great records together and I’m looking forward to getting more work done. Thanks for the dedication, I appreciate it. To my homie Scend, thanks for all the support and help throughout this whole thing bro. We said we were going to get it done, and we did. To my young brotha Astonish, thanks for everything homie. Thanks for writing these records with me and making them what they became; I appreciate you. To my homie Oscar, first joint down bro, now many more to go. Welcome to the team G, and thanks for being a part of this project.

To my homie Matthew Silva who created all of the artwork for the entire Life That I Chose campaign; from the album artwork, to singles artwork, to the LTIC shirt; thank you brotha. You killed it! Looking forward to future work with you.

To Jessie, Adrian, Gus, and Javi; thanks for all the help and support in putting this one together. We demonstrated once again that we have an amazing team. Let’s keep moving forward with it. We got this.

Sense thanks for the amazing video homie. You don’t even understand how much I appreciate what you did for me. I owe you big time brotha.

Shout out to Shortman, Panik and anyone else who sat through these sessions with us to make this project happen. I appreciate ya’ll. – Scheme

SRNC & Molemen Records ALL DAY.

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