SXSW 2012 | Day 2 and 3

So I kind of slipped on putting up Day 2; so here’s a quick wrap up of Day 2 and 3 at SXSW.

Dope piece that caught my attention.
Cash Rules ….


At Which Wich for lunch. Pastrami Sandwich and grilled onions.


Before the Closed Sessions x Ruby Hornet x MTV Sucker Free show popped off.


Right before we rocked the RH x CC x MTV stage.


Scend spinning at the CC x RH x MTV show.


Doritos had a dope vending machine stage.


Tired and Hungry … Late night stop at Denny’s to end a great Day 3.


We also rocked the SBG Movement show on Day 3. Chicago has been extremely heavy out here. Always dope to see our scene out here repping hard. Moving on to Day 4, which I will update you all with tomorrow. – Scheme

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