SXSW 2012 | Day 4

Day 4 of SXSW was dope. We were walking down 6th street and I hear someone say “Ay ese no es el Raka que iso el remix,” it happened to be Los Rakas pointing me out and stopping me to say what’s up. They had recognized me from the remix I did. They said they’ve been on my site checking out all my music and digged it a lot. We chopped it up and hopefully we’ll be working on something in the near future. Those are the random and crazy moments you get while at SXSW. You can meet any and everyone just walking down the street. Social media is great to reach out to people, but nothing like shaking their hand and chopping it up face to face.

Besides that we went to the 2dopeboyz Dopehouse and kicked it there for a bit. We then were interviewed by HHRapInfo; the interview will up on GoWhereHipHop soon.


We also went back to Wahoo’s for some tacos.


All in all it was a good Day 4. Now we take on Day 5. You might just catch Scend spinning at the 2dopeboyz Dopehouse. And then, even though Sunday tends to be clean up day for SXSW we have a show with a dope local DJ team. Looking forward to that one as well. – Scheme

Maaaaan this shit brought back memories lol had to take a pic.


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