SXSW 2012 | Day 5

Day 5 of SXSW was another great one. Went back to the 2dopeboyz Dopehouse and finally met the homies Shake and Meka. They had a dope an chill networking spot, definitely a good spot to get away from 6th street.



Stopped by The Boiling Point for some greeeeat seafood for lunch.


Pinche Scend instragramming the grub.



We then walked over to check out the Redbull Threestyle Event since the Chicago brotha Big Once was DJing at the event. Seems like Nas and Premo were special guests at the end, but we had to leave to get some other stuff done.


I also bumped into the homie Emilio Rojas and chopped it up with him for a minute. It’s dope to know brothas who’s work you respect, show that mutual respect. He said he digged everything I been putting out. We will definitely be working on something else soon.

After chopping it up with him we stopped at Blue Ribbon BBQ for a late dinner. They were playing nothing but Trae and Z-Ro at this place. LOUD! Haha shit was great and the food was dope.


Today we’re on Day 6. We have one last show at Volstead Lounge with the homie DJ Orion and his Peligrosa team. Looking forward to it. Then it’s back home tomorrow afternoon to get back to work on these upcoming projects. – Scheme

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