NEW MUSIC: Shoebox Sessions 1 | Young Brotha Tray

Here is the first of the Shoebox Sessions Series which we will be releasing randomly in between other projects.

I came up with the idea one day when Oscar (SRNC Guitarist) and I were working on our live set with Scend at the Shoebox. Oscar was just tuning up his guitar and going through different pieces. I started writing to one of them, and told him to keep going with it. I’ve always wanted to do something along these lines; one instrument, one voice.  This is how the series as a whole came together. I want this series to be a venting place for me as an artist. A place where I get to talk about what’s going on in my daily life, current events and more. I want this to be my scapegoat from all the other projects with deadlines and calendar dates. This series will happen whenever and however.

This series will also be the proper introduction of Matthew Silva from SRNC as an artist and graphic designer. He will be coming up with original art pieces for each cover of the Shoebox Sessions.

With this particular series, I wanted to talk about the Trayvon Martin situation. I’ve always been fueled to write when certain situations of injustice occur, I just never make it a point to make it so straight forward. The day after the Oscar Grant shooting, I wrote the intro to The Manifesto EP. From the lyrics I penned to the angst in my voice, the whole intro was fueled by the incident. I sometimes feel that too many artist discredit the actual incident by somewhat capitalizing on a current event; but the artist in me also understands that we have the responsibility to be the voice of the people. Some of the greatest music came from a dark place, but it gave a sense of hope and power. I want to give myself that opportunity to make music like that. I’m not going to stop myself from creating just because I feel some artist may be doing it for the wrong reasons, and I don’t want to be seen in the same light by others. Yet, who am I to judge from what place other artists art came from? Nobody. So I did what I’ve always done; followed my instinct and made the music I wanted to create. This is a genuine piece on my behalf. And I hope you receive it as just that.

“Freedom song for the one’s that never made it back home…” – Scheme

Ruby Hornet Presents : Shoebox Session #1 (Young Brotha Tray)

DOWNLOAD Zip File with Song, Artwork and Lyrics by CLICKING HERE

Original Piece of Art by Matthew Silva

Mixed by Alex Baez for GoodLife Studios

Guitar by Oscar Castillo

Written by Scheme

Produced by Scheme, Oscar Castillo, DJ Scend and Alex Baez.

Hit the Jump to Read the Lyrics.

Click Picture for Larger Image.

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