NEWS: La Clika (Artwork)

As many of you know, we’ve been promoting this New Single which will be dropping soon called La Clika. It is the first single from my upcoming project with DJ Scend.

We partnered up with Dimex Vive to release the single, as well as a collaborative Limited Edition T-Shirt.

This is more than music; this is a cultural movement. It started off as a title for a song; but many have already started representing it as more than that.  La Clika is for everyone. Represent it; Let it be known.

The single will be premiered next Tuesday (August 7th, 2012) on Dimex Vive’s site and You will also be able to pre-order your Limited Edition La Clika shirt on Dimex Vive on August 7th.  Check out the official artwork below and let people know you rep #LaClika on FB and Twitter.

Artwork designed by Christian from Dimex Vive | Produced by Serious | Mixed by DJ Scend

La Clika will be my first Spanish/English Single I’ve released; I need toda mi gente Latina to support. If you are a blog or DJ who wants to get an advanced copy, please email us at – Thank you.

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