It’s Been One Helluva Year … 2012

2012 was personally one of my toughest years in life. I went through a lot, but thankfully learned a great deal. I am grateful for the lessons which have prepared me for what’s ahead. I appreciate those who have helped me mentally and spiritually; you all have made a big change in who I am becoming. My art is created by what I live, and this year I lived a lot. The very good and the very bad. Regardless, I am grateful for it all and plan on executing these teachings, not only in 2013, but from here on out.

For the past couple of years I do a quick recap of what my year was like musically and share it with all my people.

This year we continue tradition.

This is just an overview, there’s a lot of details and moments I can’t capture, but I’ll try my best to go through what went down in 2012.

We started off the year where we left off 2011, which was a video recap of my 2011 release part for Life That I Chose.

1. We released Life That I Chose at the end of 2011 and had a great release party at Akin which was captured by my homie Sense Hernandez.

2. DJ Scend, Slot-A and I had a dope interview over at Chicago’s very own The Hip-Hop Project radio show in regards to the Life That I Chose EP.

You can catch the interview interview by CLICKING HERE.

3. We also started off the year with a very dope show at Double Door as we opened up for Pharoah Monch. Below you can catch some footage of us doing what we do.

Hit the jump for much more….

4. In March of 2012 DJ Scend and I went out to SXSW for 5 shows we had booked out there. Austin is always a great place to visit and SXSW is always the place to be. Always great to see all of our Chicago homies out there putting in work.


Mighty Healthy was nice enough to mail us out some gear while out in Austin.

Full house at the RubyHornet x MTV show. Right before we hit the stage.


And great food never hard to find in Austin.


5. Interviewed by MTV Sucker Free while we performed out in SXSW. You can check out the entire video by CLICKING HERE.

6. Featured in City of W1n’s 2012 Lookbook alongside some of my fellow Chicago artist was a dope experience. CLICK HERE to check it out.

7. Interviewed by HipHopRapInfo at SXSW.

8. Had the pleasure of meeting Alexander Richter and being photographed for him while he visited Chicago. He had a list of Chicago artist he wanted to meet and photograph, and I was one of those. Alexander Richter has photographed everyone from 50 Cent, Joe Budden, Clipse, Joell Ortiz, DJ Premier, Just Blaze and many more. Here are two of the photos he took of me.

Thanks to my homie DJ RTC from for making this one happen.

9. Filmed the Two Turntables and a Mic: Pete Rock Series with my homie Sense Hernandez. Below you can check out some behind the scenes footage of the shoot, as well as the actual video.

10. In May of 2012, Scend and I were asked to perform at the MTV Sucker Free Chicago Edition Show. MTV 2 came out to Chicago because they wanted to see what all the new found hype Chicago has been getting was all about. We were asked to be a part of it and were glad to be a part of it.

Give us 2 songs, we’ll still rock the stage.

11. In June the team and I went out to NY for a show. It was my first time in New York and it was a great overall experience. We had a great time rocking the show with our homies from Rebel Diaz and did our round around the city for an interview and a video shoot.

ny trip 1

ny trip 3

12. In July we had the pleasure of opening up for Rittz, but most importantly introduce our new guitarist, Oscar Castillo. This was the first show he performed with us at and he completely killed it.

13. We released a good amount of music this year, but La Clika was special. This is my 1st ever Spanish and English single, and it went from being just a single, to La Clika being the movement. We have a video dropping for it in January and it’s the lead single from my next LP. Just wait and watch what La Clika becomes.

Purchase La Clika via iTunes

We also released a collaboration shirt with

Click Here to purchase your La Clika shirt.

14. Featured on Closed Sessions Vol. 2 along side Raekwon, Freddie Gibbs, Action Bronson, Rockie Fresh, LEP Bogus Boys, GLC, Million $ Mano, DJ Babu, Nascent, Vic Mensa, YP and many more.

CLICK HERE to Download Closed Sessions Vol. 2

15. 2 of my songs were picked as Top 40 Chicago Songs by

Top 40 Chicago Summer Songs of 2012 – Check out #5 & #35 | CLICK HERE to READ

16. Filming La Clika video was one of the best experiences of the year. Through it all, it was great to have a lot of people come out to support me on the day we filmed La Clika. It meant a lot. Thanks to those who made it happen.



I leave you all with random pictures from throughout the year; studio sessions, shows, trips, etc.

More pics from La Clika video shoot. We literally stopped traffic. Great turnout.
clikavideo1 clikavideo2 clikavideo3 clikavideo4

SRNC …. La Clika


I was blessed to have visited Michoacan. It was unfortunate to be under the conditions it was, but grateful to have lived these moments.

michoacan 2 michoacan 3 michoacan

Performing at the MTV 2 x RubyHornet show.

mtv sucker free chicago show

Performing in NY.

ny trip 1

More NY pics.
ny trip 2
ny trip 4 ny trip 5 ny trip 6 ny trip 7 NY Trip

Filming the Stay Remake with George Sol.

At the Shoebox working on The Dive with Scend and Oscar.


Scend spinning at an event in SXSW.


El Turnt.


Performance at The Shrine.shrineshow shrineshow1

Studio session with Thelonious Martin, Alex Wiley and Mike at Soundscape Studios for the Game Face joint.


And who could forget Young Scheme setting the pick lol


Have a blessed New Year my people. May you find what you’ve been searching for, and may you gain what you feel you are without.

Claim it as yours and it will be; most importantly have faith.

Thank you to every one of you who played a pivotal role in my life this year, I appreciate you.

God bless.

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