The Manifesto EP

The Manifesto EP is entirely produced by the Sound Merchants. The 9 track EP features Jean Grae (Blacksmith), Astonish, Tone Pro, and Wes Restless. The combined effort of Scheme and the Sound Merchants produces a magnificent piece of art that could easily be played from beginning to end without ever missing a beat. The versatile subject matter and production throughout the album creates a nostalgic feeling of when a person could press play on an album and not once having to worry about skipping a track.

Every song on the EP holds its own, and has its place within the album. From “Respect the Art”, which has Scheme giving his reasons as to why we should always respect where our culture came from, no matter how big it has become. To “Let Me Do My Thing” featuring Jean Grae, this has both MC’s trading verses and holding their own effortlessly. Lastly, to a song like “Chicano”, this has Scheme explaining the life long battle of being “a child of this country, the step son of another.” As the son of two Mexican immigrants, Scheme has lived a life that not many Hip Hop artists dare speak of, which is what makes Scheme so unique.

The Manifesto EP is something new; something that hasn’t been done in a long time in Hip Hop. The Sound Merchants and Scheme have created a great album that definitely demonstrates not only their potential, but their abilities. Scheme laid the foundation for what’s to come from him with this EP. This is his Manifesto.

Purchase The Manifesto EP on iTunes – CLICK HERE

Purchase The Manifesto EP on Amazon – CLICK HERE


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