It’s Been One Helluva Year … 2012

2012 was personally one of my toughest years in life. I went through a lot, but thankfully learned a great deal. I am grateful for the lessons which have prepared me for what’s ahead. I appreciate those who have helped me mentally and spiritually; you all have made a big change in who I am becoming. My art is created by what I live, and this year I lived a lot. The very good and the very bad. Regardless, I am grateful for it all and plan on executing these teachings, not only in 2013, but from here on out.

For the past couple of years I do a quick recap of what my year was like musically and share it with all my people.

This year we continue tradition.

This is just an overview, there’s a lot of details and moments I can’t capture, but I’ll try my best to go through what went down in 2012.

We started off the year where we left off 2011, which was a video recap of my 2011 release part for Life That I Chose.

1. We released Life That I Chose at the end of 2011 and had a great release party at Akin which was captured by my homie Sense Hernandez.

2. DJ Scend, Slot-A and I had a dope interview over at Chicago’s very own The Hip-Hop Project radio show in regards to the Life That I Chose EP.

You can catch the interview interview by CLICKING HERE.

3. We also started off the year with a very dope show at Double Door as we opened up for Pharoah Monch. Below you can catch some footage of us doing what we do.

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Scheme & DJ Scend at SXSW 2012

SXSW has already started, but the music portion of the festival starts this upcoming week. Scheme and DJ Scend will be out there from March 13th-19th; if any promoters are interested in any last minute bookings please email

March 15th, 2012 

Scheme and DJ Scend will perform at Ruby Hornet x MTV Sucker Free Digital Freshness Event

They will be performing at 8:50 PM.

March 15th, 2012

Scheme and DJ Scend will be perform at the SBG Showcase

Time: TBD

March 16-17th, 2012

You just might catch DJ Scend spinning at the Dopehouse.

March 18th, 2012

Scheme and DJ Scend will perform at Peligrosa

They will perform between 7pm-8pm

We will update the page as more shows are added.

To connect and network with Scheme and DJ Scend out in Austin please email them at and | Thanks!