New Music: NAVARRO – Maybe (produced by THEMpeople)

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Navarro, formerly known as Scheme*, releases new music produced by THEMpeople. Maybe, is a spoken word piece; an audio interpretation from a piece Navarro wrote and released a few weeks ago, which was shared by major Latino websites, as well as NBC Latino news analyst and more. He considered restructuring it into a “rap song format,” but this wasn’t that. This had to stay the way he wrote it; every word.

The painting for the artwork is by artist Chantala Kommanivanh (

Written by NAVARRO and THEMpeople

Produced by THEMpeople

Twitter: @SchemeNavarro | @THEMpeoplemusic

Sites: |

*The reason for the name change is due to the refocusing of music in both Spanish and English for Navarro. Scheme wasn’t the easiest name to translate into Spanish for new fans and editorials, so Navarro chose to use his last name as his artist alias starting now. This is his 1st release under Navarro. Same music, only difference is the message is now worldwide. Same rebel, new cause.

New Video: Scheme – La Clika (Official Music Video)

La Clika – Available NOW on iTunes
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Directed and Edited by Sense Hernandez and Tony Shane
Written by Scheme – Produced by Serious

Scheme and Beast Factory Films present the official video for La Clika. This is Scheme’s 1st official release in Spanish and English; as he proceeds to bridge the gap between both cultures that raised him.

The video for La Clika showcases Scheme with the support of his city, as well as glimpses of the Mexican culture he is proud and honored to represent. La Clika is a movement; it doesn’t matter where you are, or where you are from. Rep that.


New Video: Scheme – Vista Del Mar (Directed by Sense Hernandez)

Scheme, along side director Sense Hernandez, release the brand new video for Vista Del Mar, which is produced by SRNC‘s own The Analyst. Scheme and Analyst have an EP in the works; with that being said, Vista Del Mar is just a glimpse of what’s to come.

Scheme and Sense Hernandez decided to keep it simple and personal on this one. Vista Del Mar focuses on family and those sacrifices we all have to make it to follow a dream. Scheme wrote and recorded Vista Del Mar with the focus of telling a part of the story; this particular story focuses on his grandma never seeing the ocean, and how he hasn’t had the chance to take her, but brought it to her sonically, with hopes of one day making it a reality. Reminiscing over family pictures, Scheme tells his story, and the story of many. Our parents left in pursuit of a dream, and all we want is to see it come true for them.


Scheme, junto el director Sense Hernández, lanzan el nuevo video de Vista Del Mar, que es producida por el miembro de SRNC, The Analyst. Scheme y Analyst tienen un proyecto que saldra proximamente; Vista Del Mar es sólo una idea de lo que está por venir.

Scheme y Sense Hernández decidieron mantener el video simple y personal en este caso. Vista Del Mar se centra en la familia y los sacrificios que todos tenemos que hacer para seguir un sueño. Scheme escribió y grabó Vista Del Mar con el objetivo de contar una parte de la historia, esta historia se centra en su abuela que nunca a visto el mar, y como él no ha tenido la oportunidad de llebarla a ver lo, pero se lo llevó a musicalmente, con la esperanza de algún día hacer lo una realidad. Recordando con fotos de la familia, Scheme cuenta su historia, y la historia de muchos. Nuestros padres se fueron siguiendo un sueño, y lo único que queremos es verlo hecho realidad para ellos.

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New Music: Scheme – Young Scheme For President (Remake)

YSFP Cover

Scheme decides to let lose of another Remake while he works on both of his upcoming projects; Pocket Full of Pesos, which will be a mixtape in its true form, mixed by DJ Scend and filled with remakes, while Pesos Turn to Dollars will be an LP with all original music.

This time around Scheme takes on the “Bun B for President” instrumental and has some fun with it. This is just an early warning of the projects he has in the works.

Pocket Full of Pesos (Mixtape) – Coming Spring 2013
Pesos Turn to Dollars LP – Coming Summer 2013

Young Scheme For President – Mixed by Alex Baez and Jay Vega

CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD Young Scheme For President via AudioMack

New Music: Scheme – Vista Del Mar (produced by The Analyst)

Scheme decides to let loose a brand new version of Vista Del Mar which is produced by SRNC‘s own The Analyst. As Scheme continues to prep for his upcoming projects, Pocket Full of Pesos (Mixtape by DJ Scend) and Pesos Turn to Dollars LP, he and Analyst will make sure to keep releasing music to keep you in tune with what’s coming up next. You may even see an EP from the two in the near future.

Scheme continues to merge his music and his culture, with the mixture of Spanish and English music. This is just the beginning.

Download The Analyst latest instrumental album, NonStopFunctional on

New Music: Scheme – Grown Man Smoke (produced by The Analyst)

Written by Scheme | Produced by The Analyst | Mixed by DJ Scend

Scheme continues releasing music before his upcoming project with DJ Scend. The project is titled Pesos Turn to Dollars and it will be a mixture of both English and Spanish songs from Scheme. For now enjoy Grown Man Smoke which is a song Scheme recorded recently over production by SRNC’s own The Analyst.

Expect more music and visuals in the upcoming weeks. Videos for La Clika, The Dive, Stay (Remake) and more are underway. Pesos Turn To Dollars – Coming Soon.

Scheme – Grown Man Smoke – Unlimited Downloads via AudioMack – Click Here

New Music: Scheme – Stay (Remake) featuring Oscar Castillo


Scheme – Stay (Remake) featuring Oscar Castillo

Another week, another joint by Scheme. This time he goes over Nas’ Staywith the help of Oscar Castillo on guitar.

Make sure you check out the remake below and share it with your friends.

Also, don’t forget Scheme’s latest single La Clika is Now Available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and more.

Written by Scheme | Guitar by Oscar Castillo | Mixed by DJ Scend

Download Stay (Remake) NOW via – Click Here

New Music: Scheme – La Clika (Produced by Serious)


Here is the first offering from my upcoming project with DJ Scend. I need all my people to support this one. This is my 1st English/Spanish Single I have ever released. Please SHARE IT and SUPPORT IT. Thank you.

Press Release by Graciela Estrello:

A Mexican rapper who was born and raised in Chicago, Scheme is
showcasing his versatility with both production as well as language with
his new single “La Clika”, which will be featured on a future mix tape
in collaboration with DJ Scend. The production, courtesy of Chicago
producer, Serious, is just one of the many aspects of Scheme’s new
musical venture, where he hopes to make and leave his mark in the music
industry. Combining his Mexican and Hip-Hop roots, he’s developed a
unique sound through which he hopes to bridge the gap that he once felt
had him feeling like he had two identities.

The single is premiering on along with a “La Clika” tee-
shirt featuring the logo for the single- designed by Dimex as well as on

“La Clika”, Spanish for The Clique “is a cultural movement, I want my fans
to represent La Clika. This is our team. La Clika represents those who
haven’t felt represented in Hip-Hop music.” – Scheme

Listen Below

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NEWS: La Clika (Artwork)

As many of you know, we’ve been promoting this New Single which will be dropping soon called La Clika. It is the first single from my upcoming project with DJ Scend.

We partnered up with Dimex Vive to release the single, as well as a collaborative Limited Edition T-Shirt.

This is more than music; this is a cultural movement. It started off as a title for a song; but many have already started representing it as more than that.  La Clika is for everyone. Represent it; Let it be known.

The single will be premiered next Tuesday (August 7th, 2012) on Dimex Vive’s site and You will also be able to pre-order your Limited Edition La Clika shirt on Dimex Vive on August 7th.  Check out the official artwork below and let people know you rep #LaClika on FB and Twitter.

Artwork designed by Christian from Dimex Vive | Produced by Serious | Mixed by DJ Scend

La Clika will be my first Spanish/English Single I’ve released; I need toda mi gente Latina to support. If you are a blog or DJ who wants to get an advanced copy, please email us at – Thank you.

Scheme x Slot-A : Life That I Chose EP (Clean Version)

The “Life That I Chose” EP has been out for just a month and we’ve received great feedback on it. Thank you to everyone who has been supporting the project and the “Hello (What Up?)” SINGLE.

We wanted to drop the Clean Version of the project today for all the Radio Stations and DJs.

CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD – Life That I Chose EP (Clean Version)