It’s Been One Helluva Year … 2012

2012 was personally one of my toughest years in life. I went through a lot, but thankfully learned a great deal. I am grateful for the lessons which have prepared me for what’s ahead. I appreciate those who have helped me mentally and spiritually; you all have made a big change in who I am becoming. My art is created by what I live, and this year I lived a lot. The very good and the very bad. Regardless, I am grateful for it all and plan on executing these teachings, not only in 2013, but from here on out.

For the past couple of years I do a quick recap of what my year was like musically and share it with all my people.

This year we continue tradition.

This is just an overview, there’s a lot of details and moments I can’t capture, but I’ll try my best to go through what went down in 2012.

We started off the year where we left off 2011, which was a video recap of my 2011 release part for Life That I Chose.

1. We released Life That I Chose at the end of 2011 and had a great release party at Akin which was captured by my homie Sense Hernandez.

2. DJ Scend, Slot-A and I had a dope interview over at Chicago’s very own The Hip-Hop Project radio show in regards to the Life That I Chose EP.

You can catch the interview interview by CLICKING HERE.

3. We also started off the year with a very dope show at Double Door as we opened up for Pharoah Monch. Below you can catch some footage of us doing what we do.

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NEW VIDEO INTERVIEW: Scheme and DJ Scend on HipHopRapInfo (SXSW Edition)

While we were out in Austin, TX for SXSW a couple of weeks ago we were interviewed by the homies from HipHopRapInfo. They chopped it up with me about what it was like to be out in SXSW, about being Mexican in the Hip-Hop scene, and about upcoming projects. They also went into detail with Scend about what it’s like being a DJ in the world today. Dope overall interview, so take some time to check it out. Thanks. – Scheme

SXSW 2012 | Day 5

Day 5 of SXSW was another great one. Went back to the 2dopeboyz Dopehouse and finally met the homies Shake and Meka. They had a dope an chill networking spot, definitely a good spot to get away from 6th street.



Stopped by The Boiling Point for some greeeeat seafood for lunch.


Pinche Scend instragramming the grub.



We then walked over to check out the Redbull Threestyle Event since the Chicago brotha Big Once was DJing at the event. Seems like Nas and Premo were special guests at the end, but we had to leave to get some other stuff done.


I also bumped into the homie Emilio Rojas and chopped it up with him for a minute. It’s dope to know brothas who’s work you respect, show that mutual respect. He said he digged everything I been putting out. We will definitely be working on something else soon.

After chopping it up with him we stopped at Blue Ribbon BBQ for a late dinner. They were playing nothing but Trae and Z-Ro at this place. LOUD! Haha shit was great and the food was dope.


Today we’re on Day 6. We have one last show at Volstead Lounge with the homie DJ Orion and his Peligrosa team. Looking forward to it. Then it’s back home tomorrow afternoon to get back to work on these upcoming projects. – Scheme

SXSW 2012 | Day 4

Day 4 of SXSW was dope. We were walking down 6th street and I hear someone say “Ay ese no es el Raka que iso el remix,” it happened to be Los Rakas pointing me out and stopping me to say what’s up. They had recognized me from the remix I did. They said they’ve been on my site checking out all my music and digged it a lot. We chopped it up and hopefully we’ll be working on something in the near future. Those are the random and crazy moments you get while at SXSW. You can meet any and everyone just walking down the street. Social media is great to reach out to people, but nothing like shaking their hand and chopping it up face to face.

Besides that we went to the 2dopeboyz Dopehouse and kicked it there for a bit. We then were interviewed by HHRapInfo; the interview will up on GoWhereHipHop soon.


We also went back to Wahoo’s for some tacos.


All in all it was a good Day 4. Now we take on Day 5. You might just catch Scend spinning at the 2dopeboyz Dopehouse. And then, even though Sunday tends to be clean up day for SXSW we have a show with a dope local DJ team. Looking forward to that one as well. – Scheme

Maaaaan this shit brought back memories lol had to take a pic.


SXSW 2012 | Day 2 and 3

So I kind of slipped on putting up Day 2; so here’s a quick wrap up of Day 2 and 3 at SXSW.

Dope piece that caught my attention.
Cash Rules ….


At Which Wich for lunch. Pastrami Sandwich and grilled onions.


Before the Closed Sessions x Ruby Hornet x MTV Sucker Free show popped off.


Right before we rocked the RH x CC x MTV stage.


Scend spinning at the CC x RH x MTV show.


Doritos had a dope vending machine stage.


Tired and Hungry … Late night stop at Denny’s to end a great Day 3.


We also rocked the SBG Movement show on Day 3. Chicago has been extremely heavy out here. Always dope to see our scene out here repping hard. Moving on to Day 4, which I will update you all with tomorrow. – Scheme

Scheme and DJ Scend | SXSW 2012 Schedule

For more info on all shows, please CLICK HERE.

SXSW 2012 | Day 1

Yesterday was Day 1 of our trip to SXSW. We kicked it with some friends, ate some great food and checked out a couple of shows. Check out the pics below of day 1 at SXSW 2012.

6AM Flight | heading from Chicago, IL to Austin, TX.



Had some great Vietnamese food for lunch.


6th Street Status

Stopped by this dope store to check out some records and kicks.

Blackened Fish and Shrimp Tacos at Wahoo’s with the homie Virgil, his girl, and the homie Scend. Tacos were on point.

Checked out the Stones Throw showcase thanks to the homies Sean Doe and Havana Joe for looking out and getting us in. The Stepkids (pictured here) killed their set. Amazing music.

Thanks to Noemi from MightyHealthy for sending over some gear for Scend and I at the Austin address, so we can rock the gear while we’re out here. Thanks to Gus from SRNC for making that one happen.


Day 2 coming up. – Scheme

Scheme & DJ Scend at SXSW 2012

SXSW has already started, but the music portion of the festival starts this upcoming week. Scheme and DJ Scend will be out there from March 13th-19th; if any promoters are interested in any last minute bookings please email

March 15th, 2012 

Scheme and DJ Scend will perform at Ruby Hornet x MTV Sucker Free Digital Freshness Event

They will be performing at 8:50 PM.

March 15th, 2012

Scheme and DJ Scend will be perform at the SBG Showcase

Time: TBD

March 16-17th, 2012

You just might catch DJ Scend spinning at the Dopehouse.

March 18th, 2012

Scheme and DJ Scend will perform at Peligrosa

They will perform between 7pm-8pm

We will update the page as more shows are added.

To connect and network with Scheme and DJ Scend out in Austin please email them at and | Thanks!